Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Makeup Artist: CATH BILIEN


- Bretagne, France / Philippines

I'm passionate about people and makeup. My love for beauty leads me to become a makeup artist. Living in a beautiful and peaceful city of Concarneau has been a wonderful adventure and Cath MakeUp Studio is born. I collaborated with photographers, artists and I've been part of both national and international fashion shows on two fashion capitals, Paris and Milan. I'm very inspired on creating fabulous looks on every runway, fashion editorial, beauty pageants, photoshoots, weddings etc. I know I love colors ever since I was a child. I continue to play with colors as a face painter too, painting joy to every child’s face. I’m an artist that paints with my heart.

I’ve been in Fashion Extreme at the very beginning and it something I can not forget because they are family.
Cath Makeup Studio

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