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Born in Romania and raised in Northern Transylvania, Daniela Mvan graduated in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Bucharest. 
Upon moving to France she felt the call for design and she moved along to explore and express herself. 

Having graduated from ESMOD Paris in June 2015, Daniela specialized in women's ready-to-wear. She entered the EFTDC (European Fashion Talent Design Competition) with the concept of her first collection "To Die For", inspired by the traditional Romanian blouse.

The fact that she immersed into a new culture enriched her personal universe with new inspiration and she decide to leave her mark in the fashion world by creating OMENs Paris in December 2015. Her vision is to help women explore and accentuate their feminity and bring elegance in their wardrobe.

The brand's concept is a sociological perspective of identity : the femininity.

The feminist movement against traditional values of women fell from one extreme to the other : nowadays being a woman is becoming a man. For years women emancipate by dressing up in men's clothes, our women rebel revisiting clothes cut to their bodies.

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