Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Introducing APHRODITE COUTURE PARIS as a high level brand for workmanship and love for details confirms the aim to promote more unique and outstanding pieces to illuminate ladies and brides. Inspired from Antiquity but with a modern eye, a place where East meets West, Aphrodite & Co was the very first Parisian firm doing fluid, soft and modern shapes for brides using French laces and Italian chiffon. For more than 12 years Aphrodite & Co has been meeting expectations of customers from all over the world. The firm has been founded by Christina Parisi in 2004, designer, artist and consultant. With a strong back ground such a Master in History from the Sorbonne University, Management in Luxury Brand and Arts, she has been grown up in a typical cultural Austrian background, in plus with a mum and a grandmother crazy about fabrics and she also has profited from an additional program for design and modalism same time as her a-level in her younger years. Since the company has been founded, Christina Parisi remains passionate about projects as she has already had the opportunity to meet people from all continents and she would like to continue to help women to realize their custom made dream dress or simply to find back the pleasure to get dress up independently from their origin, religion or culture.

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