Friday, June 26, 2015

Featured MUA: Suzette Riego

Suzette Riego was born with a lipstick on hand. She has shown great passion for the arts since childhood from singing - to dancing - to painting which eventually transcended to her ultimate masterpiece - "Make-Up Artistry". Artistry is a gift & not too many are born with it. Zette as she is fondly called is one of those selected few who has boundless creativity on her craft. She can look at a photo, replicate it, or even make it better.

She started doing professional make up upon arriving in France back in 2003. However, She had to stop briefly to take care of family. But now she's back on the scene doing her passion & fulfilling her dream.

In June 2012, she launched on facebook her brandname "FaceArt by Zette". Her page served as her portfolio where people can view her creations. Soon thereafter offers came in as clients started to ask her services for Modeling & FashionShows, BeautyPageants, Private MakeOvers & ConceptShooting, Weddings, Entourages, Debuts, Soirées, Films, Commercials & MTV's. From then until now she has worked almost tirelessly. She has collaborated with the ParisGlamour season 1 & the Fashion Icons modelling event. She has worked with various international artist - models, high profile designers, beauty pageant contestants, professional photographers & videographers. She has also worked with a variety of magazines as well as judged a few pageants & sponsored a few events. She is continously working with various FashionWeekParis events. Moreover, she is a FOUNDER of the recent FASHION EXTREME PARIS event last september 2014. She has also been invited to travell across France & Europe doing various shows & gigs. Furture projects include working on the upcoming Fashion Extreme Paris 2 + more beauty & fashion related events coming up. Make Up Tutorial 5 is also in the works.

She is an active member of Coeurs à Coeurs Foundation & Pusong Pinoy Pransya Charity Foundation as she is also passionate in helping others. To her credit, she has done a series of (MUT) MakeUpTutorial by Zette events which has recently concluded it's 4th leg. This is a way of giving back & sharing the blessings through her God given talent.

She is currently the acting president of FAHMUAP (Filipino Association of Hair & Make Up Artists in Paris) and one of the busiest HMUA's in the community today.

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